Join the Exploration: Understanding the 2023 Educause Horizon Report

Join the LTC in 2024 in exploring the Educause Horizon Report!

This spring, join the LTC and LEARN Center in a dynamic exploration of the 2023 Educause Horizon Report “Teaching and Learning” Edition! The report discusses the emerging trends, key technologies, and innovative practices set to redefine the student experience and our collective future in higher education. 

In an era where generative AI and other technological advancements are revolutionizing content creation, communication, and learning, the higher education sector buzzes with new possibilities, but equal challenges. These developments prompt vital questions about the responsible use of technology and its potential overreach.

Our unique “book-club-inspired” Explorers Group invites you to delve deep into these issues. Engage with fellow inquisitive members of the UW-Whitewater community, including educators, leaders, administrators, and technologists. Together, we’ll explore how the insights from the Horizon Report resonate with our experiences both inside and outside the classroom, and potential ways to prepare for the challenges it highlights.

Meeting semi-weekly, our group will focus on the essential theme of our shared humanity. We will tackle how to meet the diverse needs of our students in the face of powerful technological shifts and the growing necessity for human-centered approaches in education. Your participation will enrich our discussions on building institutional communities that prioritize student well-being and a sense of belonging.

As we conclude our sessions, we’ll reflect on the implications for educational institutions. How can we effectively prepare for the future outlined in the report? Our goal is to derive actionable insights that can significantly influence our professional paths. We’ll ponder crucial questions: What actions should we take now? What strategies should we develop for the future?

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to a vital conversation about the evolving landscape of higher education and its impact on our roles and responsibilities!

Excursion Dates and Time 
Various Thursdays, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm – McGraw 19A or Hybrid via Webex

Please register individually for the session(s) you can attend.  

February 8thIntro and Trends: Scanning the Horizon – What is the Educause Horizon Report?Register!
February 22nd Key Technologies and Practices: AI and Impacts on Teaching and LearningRegister!
March 7thKey Technologies and Practices: Modality Blurring and Implications Register!
March 14thKey Technologies and Practices: Micro-credentials, Student Belonging, and ConnectednessRegister!
March 21stScenariosRegister!
April 4thImplications and Recommendations: What do we do now? What plans do we recommend?Register!