2023 Cisco/Presidio Teaching with Technology Innovator Honorarium Recipient – Lori Trimble!

The Cisco/Presidio Teaching with Technology Innovator Honorarium is awarded to an instructor demonstrating marked integration of technology into their teaching to mitigate common challenges and enhance student learning. 

Lori Trimble, lecturer of biology and chemistry, was named the 2023 Cisco/Presidio Teaching with Technology Innovator Honorarium recipient. Congratulations, Lori!

Award recipient Lori Trimble giving her presentation, “Leveraging a Variety of Technology Tools to Help Students”.

The LTC would like to congratulate the other outstanding finalists, Brian Schanen, Dr. Courtney Powers, Dr. Jeanine Rowe, and Linda Amann for their exceptional work demonstrating technological innovation and creativity in the classroom. Thank you for your continued dedication to UW-Whitewater students!

Each finalist presented their technology innovations at the Celebrating Teaching and Learning conference on May 17th. This award is sponsored by Presidio and Cisco Systems in conjunction with ICIT and the LTC. Presidio and Cisco are proud of their work with institutions of higher education to inspire learning and connect campuses to enhance student outcomes. ICIT and the LTC are dedicated to working with instructors to understand teaching challenges, explore solutions, implement strategies, and evaluate their effectiveness.

Brian Schanen, lecturer of communication, delivered his presentation, “The Attendance Conundrum”
Dr. Courtney Powers, assistant professor of communication, gave her presentation, “Fostering Connections through an Innovative Teamwork Model”. 
Dr. Jeannine Rowe, professor of social work, discussed, “Impact beyond Walls: Using Technology to Connect Students to the Community”
Linda Amann, lecturer of information technology and supply chain management, presented, “Interactive & Accessible Canvas: Learning in Action-Based Tasks”.