Active Learning Workshop Series

Active Learning:  Engagement, High-Level Thinking & Enhanced Learning

ClassroomIn 1987 Chickering and Gamson wrote that “learning is not a spectator sport,” and in 2016 their words still fit.  Active learning involves students in the learning process, leading to better retention and student outcomes.  The LTC and LEARN Center are please to co-sponsor a 3-part workshop series focused on active learning.  This series will explore a variety of approaches to active learning, applicable to both face-to-face and online learning environments.

Attendance at all 3 sessions is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Session 1:  Active Learning, an Introduction
September 15th, 11 am – noon, UC 262
Facilitators:  Elizabeth Simpson & Barbara Beaver
Signup at:

This session will examine the definitions and possibility of active learning, and explore why it is a continuing trend in higher education.  We’ll address examples from here on the UW-W campus, as well as others from UW System and across the nation.  Participants will gain suggestions for the integration of active learning in their own courses, examples assignments, and techniques.

Upcoming Sessions:

Session 2:  Incorporating Active Learning Strategies into your Teaching: Evidence-Based Practices, Case Studies, and Stories from the Field.
October 19th, 12:30-2 pm

Session 3:  The Unique Challenges of Active Learning in an Online/Blended Environment.
November 17th, 11 am – noon

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    • The location has not been set yet. We will put another post on the blog once the details are finalized and registration is open for the October 19th training.

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