Copying Content into your New Course

The Copy Components feature in D2L allows instructors to replicate the course components from one course offering to another. These include all commonly used components such as — news, content, files, gradebook structure, quizzes/question library, discussion group structure, and more. You can use this tool to easily re-use the same content from one D2L course offering to another.

  1. In your new D2L course homepage, click “Edit Course” on the navigation bar
  2. Under the heading Site Resources, click on “Import/Export/Copy Components
  3. Next, click on “Copy Components” then click on “Start
  4. Under the Existing Offering drop down menu, find the course that you would like to copy components from. Then click on “Continue
  5. If you want to copy all of the components check mark “Select All Components” at the top of the list.
    If you only want to copy individual items check mark the category heading and click on “Select individual items to copy“.  It is important to remember that when you copy over the content, you MUST also copy over the course files.  If you only copy the content and not the course files you may receive errors when loading the content in the new course.
  6. When all the items and course files have been selected, click on “Continue
  7. Confirm the components that you would like to copy over by clicking on “Finish
  8. After you received all green check marks, click on “Done

We also have a video tutorial that will take you through how to copy components, or you can also visit our Instructional Wiki page for additional information.

If you have any questions regarding the copy components tool, please contact UW-W D2L Support.