New Digital Assessment Tool: GradeMark

A new online tool called “GradeMark” is now available to UW-Whitewater instructors!  GradeMark allows instructors to more easily and quickly provide “digital” (rather than handwritten) feedback and grades on student papers and assignments. GradeMark is a digital assessment tool that is part of the Turnitin suite. Both OriginalityCheck for plagiarism detection and GradeMark tools are integrated in the dropbox of Desire2Learn (D2L).

Using GradeMark, instructors may electronically edit, provide customized comments, and grade papers utilizing time-saving drag-and-drop tools, including:

  1. QuickMarks: Standard editing marks and comments for composition format, punctuation, and usage.
  2. General Comments:  Instructor personal comments that can be linked to any word, paragraph, or point in the document. Comments may be stored and used again.
  3. Comments Lists: View all QuickMarks and comments for the document in one location.

Watch this video to learn more:

For detailed instructions, please visit the GradeMark wiki.  Attend the LTC workshop on the Turninin Suite (register at or schedule a personal consultation with a member of the Learning Technology Center.