The Whitewater Federation of Women’s Clubs will be hosting a fundraiser tea party to preserve Whitewater’s historic Bassett House. The third annual Ladies and Young Ladies Tea Party will take place on May 5 from 2pm to 3pm at the Bassett House.


Tickets are $25 for a single adult, $30 for an adult and child and $10 for additional children. All proceeds will go to the Bassett House Preservation Fund to ensure the preservation of the Bassett House.


The Bassett House embodies 160 years of history. It was built in 1857 by Thomas Bassett for his wife and daughter. Florence Bassett, his daughter, was a life-long member to the Federation.


For the past 90 years the house remains the site of the Federation of Women’s Clubs meetings. This Federation includes: Alpha-Minneiska, Emerson and Florence Bassett.


Later on this year, the Federation plans to hold a Sunday concert series to get the public more involved with the Bassett House. The house is also available for party rentals, bridal showers and birthday parties.


“It’s a real historic treasure and we want more of the community to share in it,” said Linda Robinson, president of the Emerson Club.


Robinson is the organizer of the Tea Party and even brings her own hats for ladies of all ages to wear. Some of the food will include real British tea, fresh-baked scones, watercress sandwiches.


“If there is anybody who would be willing to volunteer, I would be eternally grateful,” said Robinson. She is looking for three servers and someone to run the kitchen.


There will be trivia games, party favors and an appearance by Florence Bassett in addition to the tea.


The reservation deadline is April 28.