A group of Habitat for Humanity club members went to Birmingham, Alabama over this last spring break to help build a home for the less fortunate.


Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit housing organization operating on Christian principles.  Their mission is for every man, woman and child to have a durable and affordable place to live.


Mikayla Farley and Callie Neu are the Co-Publicity Coordinators for the Whitewater chapter.


Farley attended the spring break trip for a few years now. She says, there is a lot of work that goes into building these houses. Not only does the person receiving the house have to help build the house, they also have to show that they are on track to pay the mortgage.


“It’s not free; they help build their own houses as well with the volunteers who come help which is really neat so you kind of get to see and meet who all the hard work is going to,” said Farley.


Neu, adds on with, “People who are not fortunate enough to be able to afford a house still need someplace to live and Habitat for humanity recognizes this. They help them be able to afford a house, like Mikayla said they don’t just get a free house, they have to put sweat equity hours into building the house.”


Despite there being a cost to the trip, both of them said it feels good to give back to someone who is in need.


Habitat for Humanity has bi-weekly meetings Monday nights at 9pm. Everyone is welcome.