You call that Taco Bell employee a meathead because they happened to put lettuce on the soft shell you ordered with no lettuce. You curse out the McDonald’s employee at the menu board because the ice cream machine isn’t working. You threaten to call corporate on the KFC manager because your chicken took 8 minutes to fry. These scenarios relate to most fast food workers in this day and age.


Many people don’t realize that working in fast food isn’t as easy as they say. The hours are long while constantly being on your feet, with little to no break. The working conditions are not the most appealing, the summers are hot in the kitchen and I mean hot, the fry oil will cause 3rddegree burns if touched by hand, and those slip resistant shoes are not always slip resistant.


Everyone is always quick to judge and make fun of the employees of fast food restaurants, yet someone has to be the one to put meat in the taco you ordered or salt the fries or put one hundred percent beef patties on the grill. Fast food employees do not get enough credit.


Instead they get yelled at, stressed out, made fun of, and even transformed in to memes. Everyone has to start out somewhere, not many people at the age of 17 have 5 years of professional experience needed to land the dream job they want.


Working in fast food shows someone all 1stworld problems anyone can even think of. Here is a prime example: “I’m sorry we are all out of Baja Blast right now, can I interest you in a different drink?” The privileged customer replies with “What do you mean you are out of Baja Blast; this is Taco Bell this is the only place to get it. I can’t believe this.” as the employee looks at the 14 other drink options on the soda fountain.



This intel was brought to you by my own personal experiences with working in fast food. I’ve been working at Taco Bell for the past 4 years to the present. I have endured everything from a burrito that was peed on in the urinal to a customer cussing the team out and a few instances of drunk customers passing out in the drive through. I have gained a lot of real world experience and customer service skills while working there. Plus, I get paid to smile!


Just remember that fast food employees are people to. They serve you and clean up after you, don’t treat them like trash. Their jobs are physically and mentally exhausting. Always remember that there are 14 other soda options and that not having one item isn’t the biggest problem you should be worrying about.