Located in downtown Whitewater, The Book Teller is the perfect place to find a good book and handcrafted gifts.


The Book Teller is located in an old bank building built in the 1800s with a complete vault and teller window.


Karen Mcculloch is the lead artist and jeweler. She thinks that if we help drive traffic downtown and provide a place that is kind of like home then it will build community here in whitewater.


She further comments on the goal of the store, “We’re not looking to make a million dollars in this endeavor by any means, but like I said do all of that plus offer local artisans a chance and a place to showcase their work.”


Mucclloch was brought on the team to help build the vendor clientele.  There is a variety of artwork already for sale. They have everything from wool products to hand made jewelry. They also have some organic products as well, like local made honey and lotion bars.


One of the artists Richard Ehrenburg, used to work at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater as a campus planner. He soon turned into an artist when he had too many fallen branches in his yard. He decided to make candle holders and sell them at The Book Teller.


He wants the community to know, “If they enjoy, like I do, going to a used bookstore which this is and finding books on subjects that I’ve never really thought about and find these books that I really didn’t know exist, they might enjoy coming in to see what’s here.”


Their grand opening ceremony is set for April 6th, despite being open for a few months now.