Who Should be in your life?

Throughout our life, we meet thousands of people. The first is your family, then school, work, and life events. Understanding what kind of people are good in your life may not always be a crystal clear answer. Many people I thought were good in my life we a burden. Every person you meet is there for a reason. They are either a lesson or a blessing. Some people will want you to do well and be a great person for you in life. Then there are other that do the opposite and teaches you what not to look for. To distinguish this in a person will be hard at first. Many may treat you as amazing in the beginning but backstab you in the future. Being patient will establish relationships with people. Having a handful of friends is most of the time better than having 100 fake ones. Cherish the people that are good to you. We don’t tell the ones who love us thank you enough. Each day is a blessing! It’s also important to forgive the ones who have done you wrong. As cutting them off is most of the time the best choice, forgiving them will only let your mind at ease. This also means it’s important to not forget their actions as well. These are the most important lessons I learned from this process. Take these with you, and understand what it means to not only have someone good in your life but to be good in others’ lives as well. 

3 thoughts on “Who Should be in your life?”

  1. I learned this through someone who backstabbed me. It hurt but over time I’ve come to realize that it was a lesson, and that is just part of life.

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