Reflection time

This blog will discuss the importance of taking time to reflect. Reflection can be several things. This can relate to looking at your past week and analyzing the good and the bad that came with it. Or it can even be every day or each year. The reason this is important is to help not bottle emotions up. With reflection comes growth and stress relief. It’s sometimes hard to come up with all the good and bad aspects of your life. It’s important due use reflection as a time to decompress and let loose. I have seen many people bottle up emotions and this leads you to stray. It will most likely end up with you exploding to either yourself or worse, a close friend. Reflection doesn’t always need to be negative or hard. A simple sense of self-gratitude can be just as helpful. Lastly, don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of not trying and using the greatest gift you have received, Life. 

3 thoughts on “Reflection time”

  1. Back when the weather was warmer, every Sunday, I would either grab my longboard and go for a skate or go for a walk to clear my mind before heading into the week.

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