Understanding What life is about :)

This Blog post is not just finding what makes you happy, but the actual reason why it makes you happy. So often, people see others’ approval to tend to their source of happiness. This often results in a short-term sense of happiness but is flooded with an empty hole. Society puts a lot of pressure on us to not act differently or stray away from the pack so to speak. I think society wouldn’t even be a thing without the different ones. Whether you are one with the herd, or the one leading the herd, don’t let anyone dictate what you enjoy. There is a fine line if someone were to enjoy something dangerous or harmful, but the summarization of everyone’s moments of happiness should always be acceptable. When you are growing up, whether you are in high school or middle school, don’t always walk in the line that was made for you. In other words, explore different hobbies and mindsets. Someone else’s dream is most likely not aligned with yours. Separate yourself if needed and find what you think will make life just a little bit better. 

Cecelia Ahern Quote: “That's what life is about: People come and go.”

3 thoughts on “Understanding What life is about :)”

  1. Despite the saying that money can’t buy you happiness, research has actually shown that it can – up to a certain point. In most cases, those making around $98,000 a year tend to be the happiest, because they make enough money to live a comfortable, middle-class lifestyle, and not having to worry about money. However, making much more than that amount every year has no positive impact your happiness level, and, in fact, can have a negative impact on your happiness due to all the attention you attract. It can make you feel like a celebrity in Hollywood who is always being gossipped about in the tabloids.

  2. I definitely agree, we need to be who we are, and put ourselves first in that regard. This is the kind of inspiration I needed to hear today, thank you.

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