Sports.  This is my favorite subject to shoot.  It always has been. I started when I was about ten years old at the Chicago Cubs spring training, down in Mesa, Arizona.  My family handed me the camera, and that’s when I realized that I loved it. I got my own camera when I was a freshman in high school.  I took two photography classes in high school, and that’s when I continued to take action photos. The reason I still love taking sports photos so much, is because I no longer play sports.  I grew up playing t-ball, softball, basketball, and golf. Taking pictures of the sports that I loved so much growing up makes me happy. I still love the game and am so passionate about my teams, so I feel like I am apart of it still, even when I am behind the camera. 

When I am on the job, my goal is to get those jumping and passing shots, and when I do, I get so excited.  It makes me so happy, because it feels like I did my job and am able to tell a story through my camera lens.  I love going to sporting events…I grew up going to baseball and basketball games with my family. Being able to go to even more sporting events as a job…that’s my dream job.  Hopefully one day I will get hired as a professional sports team photographer down the road (preferably in Chicago).

One of my favorite Chicago land photographers: Barry Butler