Milo. He was adopted last year, March 2019 by my brother and his girlfriend. He is my very first nephew. He loves to play with my family dog, Lou. When Milo was adopted, he was smaller than Lou. Now he is huge compared to Lou. His favorite activities include chasing squirrels and walks. He loves snuggling with his parents (he is a furnace).

When I found out my brother had adopted this cutie, I knew I wanted to take pictures of him as soon as I could. I went home one weekend to do so, and my brother, Milo and I went to a local forest preserve by my house to take pictures I posted above.

I sure miss his puppy stage. He grew up too fast!

5 thoughts on “Milo”

  1. I adopted a puppy a year ago July 3rd. Time has flown with her as well, and even though she has grown bigger than any other dog I have had, I enjoy not being in the puppy stage anymore. We can trust her more and let her roam more than when she was younger.

  2. Such a cute boy! I’m impressed how you got good pics of him, whenever I try to take pics of my friends puppy the end up a blur cause hes all over the place

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