Sports.  This is my favorite subject to shoot.  It always has been. I started when I was about ten years old at the Chicago Cubs spring training, down in Mesa, Arizona.  My family handed me the camera, and that’s when I realized that I loved it. I got my own camera when I was a freshman in high school.  I took two photography classes in high school, and that’s when I continued to take action photos. The reason I still love taking sports photos so much, is because I no longer play sports.  I grew up playing t-ball, softball, basketball, and golf. Taking pictures of the sports that I loved so much growing up makes me happy. I still love the game and am so passionate about my teams, so I feel like I am apart of it still, even when I am behind the camera. 

When I am on the job, my goal is to get those jumping and passing shots, and when I do, I get so excited.  It makes me so happy, because it feels like I did my job and am able to tell a story through my camera lens.  I love going to sporting events…I grew up going to baseball and basketball games with my family. Being able to go to even more sporting events as a job…that’s my dream job.  Hopefully one day I will get hired as a professional sports team photographer down the road (preferably in Chicago).

One of my favorite Chicago land photographers: Barry Butler

7 thoughts on “Sports”

  1. Working for a sports team would be one of my many dreams. Being able to photograph and work with the team would be even better. I hope your dream will be fulfilled in the future.

  2. Sounds like a fun puzzle to figure out when to take a shot during a game. I wonder how many pics you have at the end of the day that you end up not using.

  3. Sports photos are the coolest pictures because when they capture the action it just looks so cool. I think that this would be a fun thing to get into and I would like to know about the many jobs that are centered around sports photography.

  4. I’m not a sports person, but the photos are amazing! I think some of the best photographers are the ones who shoot sports. You have to be so patient but quick to get the perfect shot!

  5. Sports photography seems to be one of the most difficult branches of photography. I’ve tried my hand at it and gotten a lot of blurry images.

    Grace. I have one question. When you’re shooting a basketball game, where’s your favorite place to sit? Sure im sure you spend some time under the basket, but do you stay the entire game there? Are shots from halfcourt/bleachers even applicable, in your opinion?

    1. You have to have your shutter speed up really high to get clear photos! But I move around during the game. I sit under the basket, half court, and right next to the benches at the corners and the other corners. I’ve never been up in the bleachers to shoot. I think half court shots are nice I got some good shots from half court.

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