Smoky Mountains

These photos are from 2018 when Nana and I decided to go on a road trip, May 2018. We had decided to go on a road trip because she had volunteered at a piano contest down in Mississippi. We left a week early so we could go explore some other states. We spent most of our time in Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains. It was probably my favorite part of the trip. I love hiking and taking pictures and just enjoying nature. Most of these photos are from driving place to place and just stopping on the side of the road.

3 thoughts on “Smoky Mountains”

  1. Wow these are beautiful pictures! it makes me wanna escape to this place because I hate being stuck here at home. But love the great photos!

  2. These pictures are stunning! I’ve always wanted to visit the smokey mountains and will definitely have to make a trip after being at home for so long!

  3. These pictures are amazing! I can second that the Smoky Mountains are a different place. I stayed in Pigeon Forge for a week a couple years ago and it was so fun!

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