My friend and I decided to take a spontaneous trip down to Chicago for the weekend.  We decided that we wanted to go clubbing, because we’ve never been. These photos are from January, when it decided to snow about three inches.  A few weeks before, I couldn’t sleep, so I went on YouTube and looked up ‘Chicago Photography,’ and I watched a couple videos. I came across this one video where this guy went on a rooftop and it looked really interesting and it had an amazing view.  I decided that I needed to go there. So, I looked it up, and surprisingly the London House Chicago was right next to our hotel! I was so excited, because it was such a beautiful night, despite the snow blowing in my face. I was hyped because snow is something a photographer looks forward to, because it adds something extra to your photos.  So, we went next door to the hotel and went up to the 21st floor to the rooftop. I was kind of skeptical, because the guy said in the video that he didn’t know if he should’ve been outside on the rooftop. We went for it anyway, and it was a view. It was such an unbelievable sight. 

Then, we decided to go walk around in the blizzard. It was definitely worth it, because I got an amazing shot of the Chicago Theater.  I was testing out different setting with my camera. I first took a couple shots without flash, and they turned out really dark and grainy, and couldn’t really see the detail of the snow.  Then, I decided to turn on the flash, an man, it made a huge difference in the photos, and saw the finished shot and was blown away.

5 thoughts on “Chicago”

  1. Chicago is a city with so much to look at, and I think your top picture best captures what a night out in the chi is like. I love how grand it appears, and it makes me think back to a ’60s era movie theatre.

    I especially love the snowflakes effect you acheieved as well, making the picture much colder.

  2. @henricksen
    I love Chicago and taking spontaneous trips there! The picture of the Chicago Theater looks like an iPhone background because the snow. I have never stayed at London house Chicago but I am sure it is fantastic with the view. I love the blue glow on top of the building in the second picture, it looks awesome.

  3. That picture of the theater is absolutely stunning! I have always loved shooting in the snow since it gives that “bubble” effect on the picture.

  4. I’m from Illinois so I loved reading this! I have lived there since 8th-grade year but have actually not gone to the city a lot even though I am only an hour away. I have gone to a few of the tourist spots like the Bean but I have not gone out to the clubs yet. I heard it’s really fun going out there! I love your picture with the Chicago sign, the colors are gorgeous and I love the effect the snowflakes make.

  5. Chicago can really be a picture-perfect city and you did a great job capturing its beauty in these pictures! I love taking trips there and enjoying all the beauty! I like the work you did with the different settings and the way you got the snow in your picture! Can’t wait to see where you go next!

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