Game Grotto 6: Top 5 Kirby Abilities

For almost 30 years the Kirby series has been a beloved franchise by gamers and fans alike. And one of most famous aspects about the little pink puffball is his ability to copy the powers of his enemies, and for this post I will go over some of my personal favorites. I should mention that I will mainly focus on standard copy abilities so limited use abilities like crash and mike as well as Kirby 64’s mix abilities won’t make the list. With that being said lets go.

Number 5: Beam

Let’s start off with a nice and simple ability that’s been around since the introduction of copy abilities. The beam is an ability obtained by enemies like Waddle Doo and allows Kirby to attack with a beam whip.

At first, it was a standard early game power, later entries would proceed to add a number of extra moves such as a mid-air attack and the ability to charge a stronger blast, giving the player plenty of options. Overall a solid ability considering how early you usually get it.

Number 4: Yo-yo

With copy abilities gaining several unique moves in Kirby Super Star, it only made sense to add in a fighter ability.

Kirby sports a red headband and performs several moves such as a flurry of punches, an uppercut, and in later entries, Kirby gains his own version of Ryu’s Hadouken. Definitely a powerful ability with many great options.

Number 3: Beetle

The Beetle ability introduced in Kirby Triple Deluxe is basically a mixture of the Sword and Suplex abilities, resulting in a power I usually go for when I can.

With this massive horn on his head, Kirby can not only hack and slash at foes but also skewer them for a number of other attacks from throwing enemies to slamming them at the ground. It is a really satisfying ability to use when you can.

Number 2: Hammer

Hammer is one of those iconic Kirby powers not only for appearing in most games but also for being one of the strongest powers you can obtain.

While you are only able to legitimately getting from a mini-boss, it is well worth it as the hammer is able to inflict massive damage on a number of enemies and bosses alike, making it a common favorite for the arena.

Number 1: UFO

UFO is a power that is more secretive in the games it appears in, as it only appears in a handful of certain locations. And if you can get ahold of this power it is well worth your time.

With this is Kirby starts to control more like he is in a 2D shooter here he can float around the stage and perform a number of powerful attacks that make Kirby a force to be reckoned with. And because of that, it is my personal favorite ability.


And there you have it, my five favorite Kirby abilities. If you have your own opinions feel free to share them in the comments below. Thanks for reading and game on.

2 thoughts on “Game Grotto 6: Top 5 Kirby Abilities

  • There are way too many Kirby abilities for me to even try to start to rank my top 5. One big one that you mentioned that I love is the hammer. It reminds me of classic Kirby and like you said its iconic. Honestly I did not know about UFO but it looks and sounds awesome. Great list!

  • As someone who hasn’t played a lot of Kirby games this game strikes me as interesting in a whole different way. I have seen many of the different forms Kirby takes but you went that little extra step to explain what each ability does and I truly appreciate that! It makes me understand the list better even as an outsider. The list itself seems well informed ad interesting! I like seeing how people feel about different stuff like this and its made me want to play some Kirby games just so I can understand the usage in full!

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