Game Grotto 9: Best Jackbox Games

The Jackbox Party Pack Series are some of the most enjoyable games to play with friends, and considering how easy it is to play these games, it’s no wonder why they have become incredibly popular over time.

This week I would Like to go over my 5 personal favorite games from these packs and explain why I feel the way I do.


T.K.O allows players to be artistic by creating several drawings and taglines to go on a shirt. While you could create taglines and drawings meant to go together, players are assigned random drawings and quotes for their shirts, forcing them to find the funniest pairing. After everyone’s shirt is ready, players must vote for the best one in a tournament. The last shirt standing wins.

Monsters Seeking Monsters

Monsters Seeking Monsters is a dating game where each player tries to hook up with each other by sending several humorous messages. When a player is in the first place, their monster power is revealed, and the player will gain a unique ability based on their monster. Sending messages with various players allows players to go crazy with what they say, and when deciding who to date can lead to some hilarious reactions from players, making this a game my friends and me really enjoy.


Fibbage is a game that has appeared in several party packs. Each player chooses a random category in a standard game, and players must create fake prompts for players to guess the answer to earning points. Players can be crafty and write convincing answers or go crazy with their prompts. Either way, it makes for a fun time.


Drawful is another game in which players draw for points and are a few games to have a stand-alone release. Players are presented a prompt they must draw. Afterwards, the other players must provide phoney prompts for everyone to guess. It’s a unique blend of T.K.O and Fibbage and has its own unique charm.


Finally, Quiplash is one of those iconic games that I feel everyone should play at least once. Players have presented 2 prompts and must come up with taglines for them. After everyone is done, players must vote for the best prompts, and if one gets all the votes, it’s considered a quiplash. On top of that, if you get bored of the regular prompts, then the game allows players to create their own prompts that can range from relatively tame to really crazy.

And there you have it, some of my favorite games from the various party packs. If you have your own thoughts, share them in the comments. Thanks for reading and game on.

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