New Skill

This week’s blog is about learning a new skill. I have always needed the extra push to try something new and I think challenging myself is good exposure to new things and experiences. This week I knew I was going to be very stressed with school and I knew I was going to need a little escape away from all the schoolwork or a little me time. I did some research and because of Covid there wasn’t anything like self-defense classes available (that’s on my bucket list). I was trying to think of something easy to do because I have made new recipes before for the blog and I wanted to do something a bit more different. Today while at the gym I finally came up with a new gym skill to include in my workout and I thought this would be perfect to talk about in the blog. I have always done the glute raises on the ground in an awkward position, with a 45lb. weight crushing my stomach, right before I do the ab routine portion of my work out. Well tonight I decided to do the glute raises right after my squats, right in front of everybody and I was going to do them with the smith machine. So, I scooted a stool close to me and I did it with two 25lb. weights on the bar and crushed it with 15 reps, three times. After I was done I could tell that the location of the bar on my hips helped me focus on the glute muscles way better than they had been focused before in the same exercise. From here on out, that is the area my glutes will be growing in the rest of my workout days.

The Smith Machine


  • kelsey preisler

    This is awesome! I love this blog it always inspires me to step outside of my own comfort zone. I personally have not been back to the gym due to covid, but when I do go I think I will try lifting weights and even try the smith machine. Thanks for the inspration.

  • Shae Morelock

    Exercise is such a good stress reliver! It’s intimidating to do something new in front of people, so congrats on challenging yourself. Thanks for sharing!

  • Auburn Luedtke

    Thank you for sharing! This is such a great blog to really inspire me on what to do next and go out of my comfort zone. Also congrats on challenging yourself!

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