I have always wanted to be more consistent and have a weekly workout routine. In high school I participated in a few sports early on, but towards my senior year I just coasted through an intense gym class. I never joined a gym before this semester because I just thought it was a waste of money and I wouldn’t actually follow through even though I wished I be motivated enough to do it. I think what it really comes down to is I so afraid of failing that I just don’t try. I don’t let myself fail by just avoiding the effort in a task.

Before COVID-19 I had interviewed a gym and considered going to the gym on campus, but I was commuting and didn’t think I would be consistent, and the gym close to my current residence was over 50$ a month. So I tried to workout at home and I lost motivation (as I predicted), I might have worked out 3 times that week. So what changed since then? A lot, yes, but it started with just wanting to feel healthy and to see progress and to train my mind to do better and push through hard goals. I started doing homework outs again and then my new boyfriend let me join him at the gym once or twice in his hometown before he moved to Madison. I enjoyed the rush of energy I started to feel every morning and I finally decided enough was enough.

I needed weights, my own space, and no carpet. I joined a gym. I have now successfully gone to a gym a total of 3 times a week at least for the past 3 weeks. I feel so healthy, happy, and energized when I do. The days I skipped when I said I was going to go to the gym honestly threw off my whole day and make me feel bad that I time-managed poorly. Going by myself was such a hard thing to overcome because I felt nervous that guys would stare at me or that I would do the workout wrong and people would think poorly of me, but I got over that fear and I can see the progress in my physic and it makes me grateful to know that I did follow through on something I thought I would fail at. Now I just have to. apply that to all areas of my life that I am procreating at… Wish me luck!


  • Morgan Horn

    I have previously thought the cost of a gym membership was also a waste of money, especially since there are so many at home workouts available for free on the interent. The workout programs online are a perfect resource for beginners that may not feel comfortable going to the gym, but I think that it can become extremely repitive and makes it easier for individuals to give up.

  • Shae Morelock

    It’s great what a healthy routine can do to your overall well-being and your mindset. Over quarantine in March and April, I began getting into yoga. My yoga routines ended up being up to 30 minutes long, I got into the routine of doing yoga every morning, and it was a great decision to begin my day with that. I totally agree, when I would skip a day, my whole day wouldn’t feel quite the same. Great work for sticking with what you’re doing! Good luck!

  • Auburn Luedtke

    I have also tried to join gyms that are way too expensive, and thought I could do the same things within my room or house. And I did the same thing: lost motivation. I would rather sit on the couch and bingewatch shows than work out because it was available to do so. Gyms are all about getting that grind so you can go home and do whatever. I wish you luck on this journey, keep it up!

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