Need Help Finding Where to Pay Your Student Loans?

Many students do not know where to go to access their student loans, or how to find who their lender is. Here at the Financial Literacy Center, we want to assist you in all your personal finance needs, including loans.

To see your loans, go to and click on the “Repayment” tab. This will give you a list of tools available to you. You can find out how to make a payment, use a repayment estimator, and more to help you better understand your loans.

If you click on the “Find out how to make a payment” link, it will take you to the list of current lenders. If you know who your lender is you can visit their site and it will tell you how to pay off your loans through them. Otherwise, their is a link for if you don’t know your provider, and that will walk you through how to find information on your loans and how to make a payment.

If you have any money-related questions, set up an appointment today!! We are always happy to help students with any questions they have!

Tips for Saving Money on Utilities in the Winter

During the winter months, utilities seem to be more expensive when constantly heating your home or apartment. However, there are a lot of ways to save money on your utilities when the weather gets colder. One very simple way to cut down on expenses is to bundle up while you’re at home. Wearing warmer clothes allows you to keep your house at a lower temperature. Another way is to use limit the use of space heaters as they consume a lot of electricity and drive up your bills. To combat this, use your space heater to only heat a single room and keep your door closed to keep the heat in. Instead of leaving the heater on for long periods of time, turn it off once your room is warm and wait as long as you can before turning it back on.

There are also a few other ideas that some people don’t typically think of. For example, if you are using the oven, leave the door open once you are done and have turned the oven off. There is a lot of heat that stays inside of an oven that gets wasted, but if you were to open the door, that residual heat can be used to heat your house. Another way to help heat your house is to keep your ceiling fans on low. This setting allow for warm air to be circulated downwards to help heat larger areas.

For more information on money saving tips or if you have questions or concerns related to your personal finances, contact the Financial Literacy Center to schedule a coaching session.