Four Lokorita

Nothing says relaxation like a margarita made with a four loko! This week teased us with gorgeous weather, and spring break is just on the horizon. I was really craving a tropical drink I could guzzle down while imagining I was on a beach somewhere and not stressing about classes.

The Shopping List:

Any good margarita has three main parts: the tequila, the ice and the fruit. This drink substitutes tequila for a extremely caffeinated, sugary four loko.

1 Cup of crushed ice…

One 16 oz bag of frozen mixed berries…$2.99

One Four Loko (flavor of your choice, I prefer green apple)…$2-3.00

And if you’re craving a little stronger drink, a splash of Caliber vodka ($7.99 for 1.75 Liters) will strengthen the marg nicely.

Grand total: $5.99 

Or the adult margita for $12.99

Especially due to recent events causing an import tax from Mexico to increase, margaritas tend to be a bit pricy. This delicious alternative adds a zesty twist, blending the over-sweetened four loko with fruit and watering it down with crushed ice. I am personally not a big fan of the Four Loko, it has such a distinctly gross flavor to it and the sugar in one can is absurd. But when combined with some blended fruit and ice, it deludes and the additions really accent the drink.

The Mix:

It is preferable to use a larger glass, the more volume provided the better.

One cup of crushed ice

Two cups of frozen mixed berries blended

Three parts Four Loko

If you’re really feeling loco, dip the rim of the glass in sugar prior to mixing.

The Verdict:

The Four Lokorita is the first taste of spring, and an affordable one at that. Four Lokos are a little sneaky and you need to be careful when enjoying one responsibly. On the hangover scale I would give the lokorita a solid 3/5, definitely drink a few glasses of water with this one.

The flavor is admirable and a definite improvement from the original Four Loko. For roughly $6 it is an outstanding margarita and while its not the same as a tequila filled smoothie, its a cheap and acceptable substitute. Back when I came up with this idea during my sophomore year I was instantly hooked on them. I sip on one on occasion now, and they are always go down great when the sun is shining.

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I am majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Electronic Media, and I have a minor in Advertising. I'm an aspiring videographer with hopes of one day working on documentaries. Cats!
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