What is Your Acne Telling You?

It’s a Friday night after a long week of classes/work. All you want to do is go out with your friends, have a few (or many) drinks, and just have fun. You want to look good too because, let’s face it, you’ve spent the past five days waking up hitting the snooze button a few too many times, leaving you with only enough time to shower and grab yourself a granola bar for the road. It’s safe to say that tonight you probably want to do a little more than a quick rinse and a power snack. And you do. You’re in your favorite top, your hair is washed and styled, and you’re ready to get the weekend started only…what is that? Is that what you think it is? A new pimple? Just when you had gotten rid of the other one. As frustrating as it may be, sometimes that pimple is your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right on the inside.

Pimples can arise from dirty and/or clogged pores. This can happen through a multitude of instances that are more or less out of your control. However, more often than not, where your pimples are arising can tell you that something is wrong on the inside. Whether that be a hormonal imbalance or a digestive issue, it’s important to know what a breakout may be trying to tell you as that could be the very root of the cause. Briefly looking at what is called the “Acne Face Map,” we can see what the locations of these breakouts means for your body.

That’s a lot of information in one image. It can look overwhelming – all those potential causes – but it at least gives you an idea of what that root cause could be. It’s pretty common for a hormonal imbalance to be the cause of breakouts. These are often shown along your jaw and chin. Another common area is the forehead. Often times forehead breakouts are caused by poor diet. In another blog we’ll talk about what foods are most often found to cause acne breakouts. Sometimes a breakout is caused by dirty makeup brushes, pillowcases, or hair products. Stress as well is a big cause of acne breakouts. Looking at the acne face mask gives a lot of possibilities for an explanation as to why your acne may feel out of control. Finding the root cause is the first step to finding a solution. It may take some trial and error, but eventually you’ll find something that works just for you. This blog is aimed to help you find a solution for each of these causes, but for now take a look at your skin is trying to tell you.


  • Melina Weil

    I really liked how you included an infographic to explain more about acne. I felt like it helped get your thoughts across! I really liked this post!

  • Kaili

    This post was really helpful to me as soeone who struggles with acne. I gave me mor motivation to start taking better care of my skin. The graphic you used was also helpful to give reasons as to why someone might be breaking out where they are. As a full time college student I as well as eveyone else can relate to the feeling of never having time to create a perfect skin care routine. Giving the suggestion to also watch what we put into our body is also helpful becasue not all pimples form from just an oily face.

  • Jenna Weinfurt

    Wow, this post was both relatable and very educational. For your first blog post, you have defineitely caught my interest. For something that i feel like is a very common struggle these days and with the younger generation, this was a great post to both let me know what your page will be about and also give me great information on a topic that is relevant to my busy, college student, stress-filled life!

  • Cecilia Goudanis-Huebner

    Jenna, this is a great post! I love that you included an image because it’s much easier to visualize the places where acne shows up and read about what causes it. This is really helpful, and I’m looking forward to reading more!

  • Xiola Schneiderman

    This was a great first post, and I liked how you established a voice for yourself moving forward with how the posts are written. Many people suffer with acne, so I think this post is very informative on how acne can form while also explaining the meaning behind it. I don’t think a lot of people realize that their acne could be telling them something, so it is an important message to get across to your audience. I also think the diagram image you included was a great addition to the post since it backed up the points you were making. Great job!

  • Prestyn Kloskey

    I love this! Growing up I had fairly normal skin and hardly ever broke out. In the last year I have been struggling with acne and oily skin. This post was very insightful and educational. I have been getting more and more into learning about skin care and lifestyle changes for better health and skin. I am excited to see what you right about the rest of the semester and look forward to learning new things that may help my skin!

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