About the blog/blogger

Hi all! My name is Jenna and I am the creator of Divine Deity Skin – a skincare blog offering information on natural remedies, diet tips, the importance of self-care, and more. Some basic information about me is that I am currently a college student at UW Whitewater-Wisconsin. I major in graphic design and minor in advertising which may have you thinking…what could that possible have to do with skincare? Well, truth be told, the inspiration for Divine Deity Skin comes from a personal struggle. For years I’ve gone through quite the journey with my skin. Having acne that never seemed to want to go away, I delved deep into all things skin care. I’d like to think because of it I’ve learned quite a bit about how to take care of your skin as well as your mental health when your physical being doesn’t want to cooperate with you. Not only is acne painful, but it’s also hard to feel your best when all you want to do is cover up. It took me a long time to realize that a flaw or twenty doesn’t take away points in your value-scale. In this blog I want to not only provide ways of taking care of your skin (smooth or a bumpy), but also provide a narrative about the importance of loving and simply just taking care of yourself. Every body is different and unique, and that deserves to be celebrated!

Blogger Jenna Aalsma, Divine Deity Skin