Life After Acne: Is It a Thing?

Taking care of your skin isn’t a temporary deal. Like most good habits, these should stick with you for life. That being said, your routine will and should probably change as you get older and your body changes. What are problem areas for you now will get better, but what issues you didn’t have before may replace them. This is a completely normal cycle. So, while it may sound like a lot of work to take care of your skin, it will always be worth the work. Keeping your skin barrier strong and healthy benefits more than just your physical appearance. Skin can be dry, flaky, tight, sensitive, inflamed, etc. As we age, we become more susceptible to the wear and tear our environment thrusts upon us.

With aging comes hormone changes as well. This will be the biggest culprit when it comes to seeing changes in your skin. Whether it’s texture, tone, or overall skin health issues, your hormonal changes within your body will most like have something to do with it. So, that being said, a lot of the issues you’re trying to treat now are very likely to go away with age. Talking about acne specifically, our hormones are a big part of that. It’s why a lot of people see bigger breakouts during puberty than they do later on in life. There is then adult acne which typically occurs in our 20s and can extend into our 30s. But eventually, it’s likely these big hormonal breakouts won’t be seen. There are unique cases, of course, but in general, if nothing else is working, time may be your best medicine.

Now, that doesn’t at all mean that we have to wait years and years for our issues to go away. Like all problems and conflicts in our lives, if you can, it’s better and possible to handle these things on a quicker time frame. Take a look back at all of the other blog posts that were made. Find something that works for you on all ends. Change your diet, simplify your skincare routine, start mediating, etc. Because…

Life after acne IS a thing!!

What is breaking you down now won’t plague you forever. There are so many different solutions out there that with enough trail and error, you’ll find something that works. In the mean time, may I suggest one of the most important factors that got me to where I am with my skin today: learn to love who you are where you are now.

We are our biggest critic. Not just about the things we do, feel, and say, but about the way we look too. Which is so unfortunate because for the most part, that is the one thing we can’t control. One day you may wake up with a breakout that doesn’t seem to stop coming. You’ll find yourself in tireless battles. It’s inevitable. There will be days that you’re in tears over it. Embrace the sucky-ness. It may not be your ideal, but what you have now is what you got. There are no overnight cures, as great as that would be, but there are so many things to set your future self up for the success you desire. For now, remember that this is temporary. That there are products and resources that will work with you to find a solution. The most important thing is to be patient and to keep loving yourself. You are you with or without that problem area. Learn to love who you are now, flaws and all, so you’ll be an even better person after you find yourself free of them.

Life after acne is certainly a thing, but that doesn’t mean life “during” acne has to be any less of quality.


  • Prestyn Kloksey

    I really appreciate this post. Growing up I was blessed with really clear and normal skin. I would rarely break out and occasionally had dry patches. During my freshman year of college, I started to deal with more regular acne and oily skin. It took me a while to find products that helped to reduce and control my acne. It has gotten much better and my confidence is much better that it once was.

    This post was creative and inspirational great job!

  • Melina Weil

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I think that genetics plays a key role in how people’s skin is and acknowledging the different types of skin is so great! I have really liked reading your blog and I think you did a great job with it.

  • Kaili

    I think it is always important to remind ourselves that acne is common for almost everyone. We shouldnt have to feel less beautiful becasue we have it. Like you said, we shouldnt stop living our lives or being afraid to go out just becasue we have blemishes. This is so important for people to hear!

  • Xiola Schneiderman

    I like how you address the concept of life after acne. It’s something that I really hadn’t thought about before reading this. I think it’s important to stress the fact that your skin changes with age, which is not a bad thing! With that being said, products should be changed out throughout that time to work better with your skin.

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