Going Beyond Your Bathroom Sink

There’s a lot we can do from the comfort of our homes. As we know now, skincare is one of those things. Your routine will primarily happen at home. There are, however, plenty of things you may want to go to a professional for. Whether it’s for a day of pampering or for help with a stubborn problem area, there’s a lot that is offered beyond a convenience store’s shelf. Sometimes too all of that trial and error can be exhausting. It’s awfully disappointing when you feel like you’ve tried so hard for so long but still can’t seem to find a solution. Perhaps then it is time to seek professional help. So what can a professional help with exactly? Depends on what you feel you need.

PHD in Skincare

Just like there are doctors for your heart, your head, your child, etc. there are doctors for your skin. These doctors are dermatologists. They specialize in all thing skin whether it be cystic acne, eczema, rashes, etc., this is your go to for all those stubborn problems. They can write prescriptions to tackle these issues. One that most of us have heard of, especially if you struggle with acne, is Accutane. Isotretinoin (or Accutane) is a powerful prescription drug that is prescribed to those with severe, scarring acne. If other antibiotics and creams aren’t working then this is sort of a “last resort.” Fortunately, there have been a lot of success stories with it. But like anything that needs to be prescribed, it is a very strong drug and should be taken after speaking to a dermatologist. The point is, if you’re at your wits end perhaps a visit to the dermatologist would be beneficial as they have a lot of input and more reach.


Estheticians are state licensed health and wellness experts who specialize in skincare. They can perform some non invasive procedures as well as offer facials, face massages, dermaplaning, etc. Some estheticians may also offer waxing or other hair removal options. They aren’t as official as a dermatologist who is required to get a doctorate, but they are still professionals that can offer up great advice and products. Estheticians will also work with you to decide what will work best with your skin. For example, when I started going in to get facials and dermaplaning, my esthetician listened to what I felt my skin needed and took a look for herself before suggesting a few different treatments she offered at her spa. For someone like me who has struggled with acne and still has some scarring, she suggested chemical peels and/or dermabrasion. Both are things are couldn’t really do myself, but would help greatly in allowing my skin to regenerate a healthier, more even surface.

To understand the difference more clearly about these professionals in skincare, think about it like this: Dermatologists will deal with more severe, urgent matters while estheticians will focus on the long-term, maintenance, and fixing problem areas that are already there. Both can help advance your skincare routine to the next step and provide services that should be done safely by a professional.

Now when it comes to a more invasive solution to a very particular situation, let’s talk about…


More so, botox. This is more of a solution for those of us who want to slow down the aging process/rewind the clock a bit. Botox can only be administered by a plastic surgeon or sometimes by a dermatologist. It is the process of injecting a serum into the facial muscles to relax them and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This should definitely not be done in the comfort of your home. Botox may not be a solution for everyone, but it is a cosmetic procedure that pertains to the appearance of your skin. It involves needles and solution being injected beneath the skin, but that’s about as invasive as it gets. They will numb you first, of course, so over all it should be a relatively simple procedure with a guaranteed result.

If there’s something you just need to fix and don’t know how, then perhaps a stop into the dermatologist is what you need. Otherwise, start off easy. Figure out your skincare routine and then try to find an esthetician that you feel you click with. You can only do better by your skin by reaching out to those who dedicate their careers to making sure everyone gets their skincare needs met.


  • Melina Weil

    I think that this is a very interesting blog post. I feel like there is such a stigma for professional skin care when there really shouldn’t be! If people want to get injections or any of the things you mentioned above, they shouldn’t be judged for it. I really liked your post. Good job!

  • Xiola Schneiderman

    I think you did a great job explaining the differences between each of these options that are offered. This was an informational post that clearly described what each of these things are. I know a lot of people don’t understand the differences so I think this helps and gives people ideas of where they can turn to next.

  • Jabari Fitzpatrick

    Great post ! i agree with your post if somebody want to get injected that’s them we can’t as humans judge somebody elsev because we don’t as an are self dont agree to it. and i also loved how you explained each options i got a clear understanding on both !

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