Located in Prairie Street Market right below Esker Dining Hall, Stack Burger is one of the more popular places on the east side of campus. This semester the E&G Sandwich shop has not been able to be open due to staffing shortages, which leaves Stack as the only other place to eat on that side of campus besides the dining hall. Although it might be the only option even when the sandwich shop is open, Stack is still a really popular place and there are always people there!

They offer a create your own burger option where you get to chose the type of bun, burger, cheese, sauce, as well as other toppings like lettuce, tomato, pickles, bacon, and jalapeƱo. As far as bun options go there is a regular hamburger bun, a pretzel bun, and a gluten free bun. When it comes to the burger you have, beef, chicken, veggie, and fried chicken to choose from. With cheese you can choose between Swiss, pepper jack, and cheddar. And lastly, sauces, you have the option of their signature stack sauce, spicy blue cheese, as well as a roasted garlic aioli. Stack burger also has a steak sandwich option, as well as chicken tenders. With every meal you also get fries.

Stack is a great option on campus that can provide for many students. Given that they have your regular beef burger options, but also offer chicken, and even a veggie burger. This allows them to fit the needs of so many different students needs on campus! Around peak dinner time, Stack gets pretty busy, and you can expect to be waiting for a little while.