Although not linked with campus dining, jitters is another location on campus that serves students. Jitters is a completely student-run coffeehouse on campus that is only open from 8PM-12AM. They serve coffee, and also milkshakes. They even have some milkshakes that have espresso in them if you want a little mix of both. The coffeehouse is completely student run, and they have shift leaders as well as volunteers each night who make the drinks.

Jitters is a fun one because since it’s not just a dining location and is student-run they also have lots of fun programs as well as collaborations with other orgs and RAs on campus. Every other Friday they also host Jitters Trivia Nights, where they have different themed trivia nights. Each month they have different drinks of the month. Last week they announced the October Drinks of the month, the BooBerrry ScreamCake Shake, which is a blueberry shake with hints of cheesecake, and the Pumpkin Pie Chai Latte, which is a chai latte with pumpkin pie flavoring and espresso.

This month Jitters has a lot of fun events and programs happening! Multiple Jitters takeovers from different orgs around campus, a showdown, a costume contest, regularly scheduled trivia nights, and so much more! Some Resident Assistants even hold their weekly traditions in Jitters. All of these. things help create a fun and welcoming environment for students to go to and relieve stress, play games, do homework, and just have a good time all around!