The Erbert and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop located in the main floor of the Drumlin Dining Hall, is one of the most popular places to get sandwiches on campus. Normally the campus has two Erbert and Gerbert’s locations open for students to access, one in Drumlin and the other in Esker. However, due to staffing shortages the one in Esker has been unable to open and for a few weeks the one in Drumlin only had grab and go sandwich options. Erbert and Gerbert’s is an actual franchise, and not just a campus dining location so a lot of what they have to offer is what they serve at a normal franchise location. They do however have a sandwich, which is called the “Purple Hawk”, which is the “official sandwich of Whitewater”, this is a ham, bacon, and cheddar cheese sandwich. Besides this the franchise also offers over 11 other sandwich options for people to chose from. They offer 4 different bread options, French, honey wheat, gluten free bread, and a wheat wrap option. Not only do they serve sandwiches but they also have different soups and mac and cheese. These are pretty popular options since it’s one of the only places on campus that has these kind of things to offer. I personally enjoy stopping by when I’m busy all day to grab a sandwich for lunch, since it’s such a nice easy option located right on campus!

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