The Ike Schaffer Commons is another super popular dining location on campus! Located on the main level of the University Center right in the middle of campus. Ike Schaffer serves breakfast that can be purchased with a normal meal swipe every weekday Monday-Friday from 7-10:30am. They are however closed on the weekends. The commons has a bunch of different breakfast options and is always busy early in the morning!

Ike Schaffer also serves lunch, this however is not offered under a Neal swipe. The lunch options are very diverse and there are many different options for locations to dine at in the commons. These include but are not limited to, Chopped, Ike’s Grill, Chilaca, the Noodle Bowl, and more. All of these options are very popular. Lunch is served from 11am-1pm Monday-Friday, and they are closed on the weekend. With so many options Ike’s is a great place to go for some good lunch. You can get a salad, sandwich, pasta, burritos, tacos, and more all located in the same place.

University Dining also sometimes utilizes the Ike Schaffer Commons for different specials and try out new menu items.

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