Deer. . . Oh Deer!

Many people think of deer management and start to think of this daunting task that only elite pros with sponsors and money and gear can do. This is simply not true. There are so many little things we can do to make where we hunt better. Here are some quick and easy DIY tips to help improve your hunting area.

1. Cover – Many people want wide open spaces where they can see dear from miles away and have a better opportunity to shoot them. This comes from seeing deer in the brush that just wont come to an opening and give you a shot. Unfortunately that is not how it works and in a way that is good for us hunters. Deer LOVE cover, it is safety. If it is to easy for us it is too easy for predators. There are several easy things you can do to make deer love your hunting area. These include Hinge cutting, creating deer beds, selective cutting of trees, as well as planting native grasses. These are all relatively cheap and effective methods to create more cover for deer. This can also help you know where deer will be and optimize how and where you hunt.

2. Food and Water – Plain and simple if its not accessible or if there isn’t enough of it, make it happen. Water is hard and can be expensive if you do not have any natural streams, ponds, lakes, etc. in your area or with in your control. One alternative may be to create a low-maintenance pond ¬†or find another creative way to capture water in a natural looking way on your hunting area. Getting food for deer these days, however, is very simple and can very depending on your budget and amount of land you are working with. This can range from creating simple food plots, to planting crops, to planting trees. Decide what is in your budget and create a nice feeding area for your deer.

These two simple factors can increase the number and quality of the heard on your property and there are a ton of innovative ways to do both of them! If you have any cool tips or tricks for easy deer conservation and management we would love to hear from you! Reach out to us by email: or on Facebook or Instagram!

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