Robins Need Our Help

Robins are in need of our help.

With the unseasonably cold and snowy April robins are struggling to survive.  The main problem is that Robins find the majority of their food buried in the ground. As you can imagine his is an extremely difficult, if not impossible task with the amount of snow and ice cover received recently in the Midwest. Not all hope is lost though, WE CAN HELP!

Helping these birds survive is as easy as making them a plate to eat. This should include worms, fruit, or even crushed up cat and dog food. Just as a reminder, Robins will not eat bird food.

The second cause for concern is exposure to the elements. Robins are used to a slightly warmer climate so these weather conditions are not ideal for them, nor is the amount of cover available to shelter themselves from the cold. That being said, simply building small brush huts can also help Robins escape the elements and survive.

Finally if all else fails and you see a Robin in need of urgent assistance you can put gloves on, grab a pillow case and put it over the bird, but it in a safe and secure box or carrier and then take it to your local wildlife rehabber.

The Robins and ourselves thank you for your help.

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