Save it for the Fish

As avid fisherman we know the importance of water resources and how it can impact our hobby and lifestyle. That being said, here are a few water conservation tips to help you save some money on your water bill and keep the fish happy in our lakes and streams by not polluting them.

Don’t Use the Toilet as an Ashtray or Wastebasket
Every time you flush you waste gallons of water, if its not what you would typically think of that goes in the toilet just throw it away or even better recycle it if possible.

Take Shorter Showers
A four-minute shower uses approximately 20 to 40 gallons of water. That A LOT of water! Time yourself in the shower and every time slowly reduce the amount of time you take. It will eventually become habit to make those showers like a NASCAR pit stop.

Turn Off the Water After You Wet Your Toothbrush
You don’t need the water running while you’re brushing your teeth, I promise. Just wet your brush and fill a glass for mouth rinsing.

Check for Leaks
This is an easy one. Simply do a quick inspection of all of the pieces in your water system from faucets to pipes to make sure water isn’t involuntarily being used.

Opt for the Dishwasher Over Hand Washing
It may seem counter intuitive, but it just so happens washing dishes by hand uses a lot more water than simply running the dishwasher, even more so if you have a water-saving model. The EPA estimates an efficient dishwasher uses half as much water, saving close to 5,000 gallons each year.

Happy Saving and Happy Fishing!

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