Spring Out to Volunteer

As the weather starts to warm up lets spring out to volunteer! Today I want to highlight a program going on at the Ridgeway Pine Relict in Iowa County, WISCONSIN found in the South West part of the state.

The DNR is looking for all hands on deck to help preserves this beautiful natural area that many of us outdoorsy folk love to utilize! This event is happen every month so if you are unable to go one month throw it on the calendar for the next. The next workday coming up will be on April 13th and will start bright and early at 9AM and will last until about noon. The DNR requests that you come dressed for the weather and prepared to be outside enjoying the outdoors for the duration of your time there.  They would also request that you bring work gloves as well as a bottle of water to stay hydrated. A special request for anyone having loppers (Shears or pruning tools) to please bring those with also.

For more information about what you will be doing or directions please click the information link below or reach out to the person listed below.

For more information and to sign up for the day please contact Mark Kay Baum ( marykbaum@gmail.com ) ( 608-935-5834).

We look forward to meeting some of you at these events! If you get a chance to snag a few pictures and would like to be featured on our social media, website, or even this blog please do not hesitate to send them to support@reel-catch.com or to our social media pages: Facebook / Instagram

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