New Communication Technologies is a class that I did not intend to take initially. For my graduate program, corporate communications, this class actually Is not an option for me, but due to some scheduling challenges, I was placed in it. Now that the semester is close to being done, I can say that I am happy that I did take this class. It was enlightening to learn about new communication technologies through a different perspective.

New communication technologies are so well integrated into our society and everyday life that it is often hard to identify them beyond the obvious ones such as a iPhone or personal computer. However, they are really all over. A technology does not have to be a tangible electronic device or a new program that utilizes the internet. New communication technologies can be something as simple as a new process within an organization that makes communication more effective. I found this idea to be really fascinating.

Another thing that I thought was really interesting was the idea that technologies are initially designed to fulfil some need within a society. But, over time the society actually influences the technology thought software updates and new features. Twitter for instance increased the character limit due to the fallback they received and limitations that their original character limit proposed. It is interesting to see pieces of technology as malleable devices that change over time depending on the needs of its users. The social media we use today, will not be the same that we use in five or ten years. This is the most influential thing I took from this class.