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Reflective Essay

By the year 1995, internet was available for commercial use through the U.S. At the time the internet was revolutionary, but underwhelming compared to the capabilities of what we know and utilize today. Many different applications and programs use the… Continue Reading →

Summary in Review

  New Communication Technologies is a class that I did not intend to take initially. For my graduate program, corporate communications, this class actually Is not an option for me, but due to some scheduling challenges, I was placed in… Continue Reading →

Structuration & Group Systems: A Look Into New Communication Technologies

For our research paper, I decided upon the following research question: RQ: Through the lens of Structuration Theory, How do employees interact and adapt to new communication technologies within a corporate setting. From this question, I want to explore how… Continue Reading →

Fieldwork Progress

Completing interviews was a lot of fun, and it allowed me to learn and hear new perspectives on technology use within the classroom. I got a lot of variety in the responses I got from professors, but also from students…. Continue Reading →

Top Story: Surgeon Replaces Brain with Search Engine

Technology can be a blessing, but like anything new to a society, individuals fight against it. With the rise of the telephone, people believed that it would harm interpersonal relationships by encouraging individuals to never leave their home. With the… Continue Reading →

The Lonely World of Facebook

After reading Stephan Marche’s article titled “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” and Eric Klinenberg’s article “Facebook Isn’t Making Us Lonely”, it made me think about various functionalities of social media. Of course social media can be seen as a great new… Continue Reading →

Finding Love in all the Right Places

Before you read my thoughts below, I encourage you to read a short article titled: Love Online by Henry Jenkins. Although this piece was written in the ancient times of technology, yes 2002 was a very different time, its messages still… Continue Reading →

Power of Social Media: From a Stolen Phone to an Egyptian Uprising

The following post will refer to Clay Shirky’s piece titled: It takes a village to find a phone. See PDF here: Village_phone_Shirky During January of 2011, protesters flooded the streets of Cairo, Egypt, in opposition of President Mubārak. Because of the… Continue Reading →

Meet my Fur Baby!

Everyone meet Maui! He is a 8 month old Shiba Inu! We welcomed him into our home July of 2017, and haven’t had any regrets so far! Of course, he had his challenges, but he was pretty easy to train…. Continue Reading →

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