Completing interviews was a lot of fun, and it allowed me to learn and hear new perspectives on technology use within the classroom. I got a lot of variety in the responses I got from professors, but also from students. Some professors talked about their technology policy within their classes and how they like to limit its use to promote better learning environments. Other professors discussed how technology is a important part of our society today, and spending time arguing agaisnt students is a waste of time. Students shared a plethora of perspectives to that same situation. Some students expressed frustration with professors that limit or do not allow technology use within the classroom, while other understood the need to have those policies in place. Overall the contrasting perspectives will be good to include in my feature story to ensure it gets all sides of the same issue. The images are the only area that I am struggling with, because it is hard to think of 15 images that would add something to the story of technology use within an academic setting. However, I am sure creative sparks will start flying soon.

Here is how I plan to lay out my feature story:

Video: Deals with professor’s point of view

Audio: Student’s points of view

Images: Students distracted or using technology

Text: Research based look at technology in the classroom.