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Everyone has their own preference for what kind of wheels they like. There are all sorts of colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from. Wheels play a major role in the overall look of the car. The color is used to compliment the body of the car. The size allows for different stance such as adding camber or lowering the car to the ground. Pattern is a playful way to catch a viewer’s eye. Overall, wheels can be a fun and unique way to add that WOW factor to your car.

Let’s look at some wheels you may be interested in.

This kind of wheel is called a deep dish or deep lip wheel. It is indented alittle, and therefore there is an outer lip created. They are very common for show cars because they make a bold statement. Many lowered cars that ride on the ground align their fender to the lip of this wheel to show how low their car rides. It is definitely a unique piece to add to your build.

Here is a more fun and energetic wheel that allows the pattern of the spokes along with the color to catch the eye of the viewer. When building your car, most people will look at your wheels almost instantly. Try to stand out from others around you.

Im sure growing up your parents told you “brand name doesnt matter” right? Well, in the car world it actually does. These are the wheels I actually have on my car. They look a little more basic than the previous ones, but the name 1552 is a very reputable name in the car community. They are a trusted brand that has been around for years, and their price states that as well. Although they are not cheap, quality is always important for a car.

Lastly, let’s look at the most unique wheels that have been recently introduced to the community. These heart wheels are an exciting way to spice up your car. Many different companies make their own versions of these. Usually they are used on JDM cars to make them even more unique. You have to be pretty brave to wear these around the block.

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