Wraps vs. Paint

Many people decide they want to change the color of their car. As your build starts coming along, you try to find new ways to spice up the look of your car. Wrapping your car or even giving it a new paint job can be a fun yet expensive way to do so. There are pros and cons to both wraps and paint jobs so let’s take a look. 

A vinyl wrap is a semi permanent way to change the color of your car without changing the paint itself. It is applied like a sticker using a heat gun to activate the sticky part on the back of the wrap. This option allows you to keep the original color of your paint without permanent change. Wrapping a car is usually used for a short period of change however, as wrap usually starts to get wear and tear after 2 or more years. The main reason people get wraps is because of the cost. They cost significantly cheaper than a full paint job. A good quality wrap will cost you about $2,000-$4,000. Another benefit to them is it takes a shorter amount of time relative to a full paint job. It takes less time because it only requires one layer of vinyl and requires less prep work done to the car.

A paint job is a great way to change the color of your car if you want a permanent change. Paint is secure and should be guaranteed to last the life of the car minus rock chips and other weather wear and tear. The process of repainting a car will take longer however as the preparation is more than it is to get a wrap. Preparation will include sanding and priming the body of the car, which wrap does not entail because it is placed right over the existing paint color. Both paint and wraps can include patterns and unique details, but overall paint can incorporate smaller, more specific details. If you want a picture of your favorite cartoon character, chances are you will have to get it painted by an artist. Overall, paint will look nice and clean if it is kept up with the usual washing maintenance. This option is best if you are planning to keep the new color for life. Otherwise, the wrap industry might be calling your name. 

This is a wrap job incorporating shapes individually cut
This is a paint job with detail

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