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    World of Wheels

    Everyone has their own preference for what kind of wheels they like. There are all sorts of colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from. Wheels play a major role in the overall look of the car. The color is used to compliment the body of the car. The size allows for different stance such as adding camber or lowering the car to the ground. Pattern is a playful way to catch a viewer’s eye. Overall, wheels can be a fun and unique way to add that WOW factor to your car. Let’s look at some wheels you may be interested in. This kind of wheel is called a deep dish…

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    Spring Necessities

    Spring is right around the corner!  Let’s not wait till the last minute to get our car ready for spring. Within the next couple weeks we will start seeing the perfect cruising weather. With last Sunday reaching a high of 50 degrees, everyone is getting anxious. There are many great products that every car person will need this spring. The first must have of this season is an instant detailer. This product is perfect for a quick clean up on your car before arriving at a meet. If you are always running late and never have time to wash your car, this is a must have item. Keep it in…