Spring Necessities

Spring is right around the corner!  Let’s not wait till the last minute to get our car ready for spring. Within the next couple weeks we will start seeing the perfect cruising weather. With last Sunday reaching a high of 50 degrees, everyone is getting anxious. There are many great products that every car person will need this spring. The first must have of this season is an instant detailer. This product is perfect for a quick clean up on your car before arriving at a meet. If you are always running late and never have time to wash your car, this is a must have item. Keep it in the back of your car along with some microfiber towels. All you have to do is spray it on your car and wipe it off. It’s that easy! 

Another Spring necessity is switching your tires. If you had switched to snow tires for winter, it is now time to switch back to your all seasons or summer tires. Snow tires are not made to perform great in higher temperatures. That is why people usually wait until the first snow fall to actually put them on. In fact, it can wear out the tread on the tires faster if you drive them in higher temperatures. Snow tires are designed to expand and grip in colder conditions. Summer tires are made for hot temperatures and are designed to have more traction. They expand in the heat adding more surface area coming in contact with the road. If you don’t already have some, you should be planning on buying some within the next month. 

Spring is the perfect time to adjust your suspension. Whether it is adjusting your coils, putting your lowering springs back on, or buying air ride, now is the perfect time to do so. Now that the cold weather is out of the way, let’s work on our cars. Salt can damage coil overs when driven for a long period of time. The cold weather can also seize them, making them uncomfortable to ride in. Make sure to check your suspension components for any flaws. Usually coils and springs driven through winter won’t last long, and will need replacing every couple years. Don’t worry though, the brand Raceland has a lifetime warranty! Just send in your old ones and get a new pair for free. Now that’s awesome!

Raceland coilovers

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