Getting the Second seed

The Bucks took a huge step this week with them taking over the second seed in the Eastern conference finals, with them going on a winning streak that involved two wins over the Brooklyn Nets. This still pits the Milwaukee Bucks against the Boston Celtics but allows for a better chance against a worse team. The best case scenario is that the Bucks go up against the Charlotte Hornets, who are a great matchup for the Bucks. The Hornets lack a true superstar except for rookie point guard Lamelo Ball. While the Celtics are not a bad matchup, it would still be a battle of a series.

Winning two games against the Brooklyn Nets could be huge for momentum, as the Nets are considered to be one of the favorites to win the title. While the Nets did not have James Harden, a former MVP, the Bucks still beat a team with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. This has to be huge for moral on the team and a great way to show the league that the Bucks have what it takes to win it all

Nets star Guard, Kyrie Irving, drives past Bucks defenders

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