Job Hunting

I am moving closer to graduation and trying to balance 18 credits and find a job at the same time is beyond stressful. There are different ways you can make sure your staying on the right track.

Update your resume

Make sure your resume is ready for employers to easily read. Leave out words that are not needed for use. Employers do not want to read for more then 10 seconds! -bullet your information. You want your education and training at the top, followed by your experience, then your skills/activities.

Cover Letter

Always good to provide extra letter showing your talents and why you would be good for their company/organization. Always put how you discovered them along with why you would be a good fi for their organization!

Job sites

Access different job sites such as Handshake, Reference USA, Indeed and Glassdoor for many different job options as well as Linkdin, which is a powerful tool used to connect with individuals.

Reach out to connections

Its not about what you know, it’s who you know!!! Reaching out to many connections to help me get my foot through the door. It helps to ask your advisor along with past alumni for some guidance, even professors which is who I am reaching out to now.

Job Fairs

Check when dates are for a job fair near you to be able to talk up front with many different employers and see what the job would be like to get into. It is a great way to talk to someone with no pressure of the interview.

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