How to Stay Warm on Campus

A ton of college campuses can get really cold during the winter months. Just walking to and from classes, your car, even the grocery store can be physically exhausting. I will discuss some ways you can at least stay stylish even with all the extra layers you put on this winter.

Fax-Fur Jackets/Sweaters

These items are always reliable and go to fashionable pieces in the wintertime. Faux fur also super warm and comfy ! Faux fur comes in all different kinds of clothing such as gloves, jackets, sweaters, hats, scarfs and sweatshirts!


Insulated waterproof boots will go a long way and go with just about everything. Dress them down with leggings and high wool socks or dress them up with skinny jeans. You want to avoid wearing baggy pants with the boots.


Don’t like turtlenecks? Scarfs go with literally everything. Layer them over a tight fitting shirt for a comfy-chic look.


I always say sweaters are a girls best friend. There is a wide variety of different styles, materials, colors, patterns, you name it. If you go bulky, wear tighter pants so it’s not an overwhelming look. If you go more figure-hugging, opt for looser pants with a scarf to top it off.


Leggings are my favorite go too especially yoga pant- leggings. Wearing high-socks with boots or flats show off your legs when it’s cold. Super flattering when paired with a loose longer shirt or a chunky sweater, balancing out potential bulky layers on top and showing your figure. Solid black is usually the best option.


Jeans can make your legs look good in a way that sweatpants or jeans cannot solve. Iv’e found dark jeans are very slimming and go with everything!!!

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