Running out of Money?

As the end of the semester draws near, I notice that my money is running out fast. It doesn’t help that I go out to eat a lot, shop plus grocery and gas money. Oh and did I mention a monthly electric bill!! I thought of some ways I could save as the end draws near, so I do not go completely broke.

Make Grocery Lists

I like to make grocery lists so I do not go in blind, since when I do that I forget stuff I need once I get back if not sooner. I walk around lost and just grabbing random things which causes me to spend more then I would if I was ready.

Make Dinner

Iv’e noticed going out for dinner has costed me tons of money through the years of college from friends asking me to go out to eat to making sneaky runs when I do not want to make food. So, I have cut back to be able to

Try to Limit Car Usage

Using my car frequently has costed me so much gas money and an obvious loss of miles that I can’t get back. Asking friends for rides with the obvious walking around helps. Not to mention all the oil changes and extra work the car needs!

Don’t online shop

My friends have become addicted to online shopping lately and I have started to take on their habits. It is dangerous habit and you can waste more money then you think when you see a cute outfit online.

Limit Weekend Drink Consumption

Having turned 21, I am more prone to go to the bars to catch a break from school and see my friends. I have a few drinks max, but I witness many kids going all the time, draining tons of cash most nights on a plethora of drinks.

TV subscriptions

As of yesterday, I canceled all my TV subscriptions to be able to just have Disney+ which is cheaper with a free 7 day trial and has every show and movie iv’e watched as a kid growing up. Would love to soak up the hours just watching, but I know I have school work to get done.

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