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    Job Hunting

    I am moving closer to graduation and trying to balance 18 credits and find a job at the same time is beyond stressful. There are different ways you can make sure your staying on the right track. Update your resume Make sure your resume is ready for employers to easily read. Leave out words that are not needed for use. Employers do not want to read for more then 10 seconds! -bullet your information. You want your education and training at the top, followed by your experience, then your skills/activities. Cover Letter Always good to provide extra letter showing your talents and why you would be good for their company/organization.…

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    Letter to my Future Self

    Since I am graduating in December, I am starting to think about what my future has in store and how far I have come from my past. I have experienced many downfalls along with many successes that have lead to where I am now growing up and throughout my college career. Dear Future Self, I hope that I will find a great job position once I graduate Whitewater this December and that I will love and do well at the role I am given, being able to work my way up a ladder in preferably a company position. Also, I am hopeful I will be able to make enough money…