Daily College Routine

Backpack Essentials for College

It is a good reminder to keep your backpack stocked with the following essentials throughout the course of the semester! Leaving without these items on hand, which I have done many times, doesn’t add up to a fun rest of the day.

Popular College Backpack
  • Notebooks or Binders (If you choose binders make sure you have lots of loose leaf paper)
  • Textbooks (never know when you will need to reference a chapter during class)
  • Laptop (most students use their laptops during class to take notes, access power points etc…)
  • Backup chargers (running out of battery with no backup charger is no fun)
  • Headphones (makes walking around campus more enjoyable)
  • Folders (preferably the all in one folder)
  • Writing utensils including pens and pencils
  • Highlighters (what to study for tests)
  • Planner ( My personal bible, I would never leave without it since it keeps me organized each day)
  • Back up Stapler (for the teachers who want assignments turned in stapled)
  • Water bottle and a place for an everyday snack (I like chewy granola bars)
  • Toiletries including back up tissue, lotion and chap stick for those drying cold months.
  • Make sure you have your keys so you don’t have to call your roommate begging to get back in.
  • As a side note I always keep a bottle of pepper spray on me just in case!

Hope you found some use out of this post!

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