Daily College Routine

  • Daily College Routine

    Best Quick Meals to Make in College

    Personally, I am a really bad cook who usually can’t think of good food options to consume. I was at the grocery store yesterday and spent an hour just thinking what I could eat on the healthier side and how to properly get worth out of what I was purchasing. The store can be intimidating if you don’t really know what to buy and you can easily over or under purchase. I personally do not have the time or money to buy a bunch of ingredients to make one meal that might last me two days at best. It is hard not to eat out all the time If your…

  • Daily College Routine

    Backpack Essentials for College

    It is a good reminder to keep your backpack stocked with the following essentials throughout the course of the semester! Leaving without these items on hand, which I have done many times, doesn’t add up to a fun rest of the day. Notebooks or Binders (If you choose binders make sure you have lots of loose leaf paper) Textbooks (never know when you will need to reference a chapter during class) Laptop (most students use their laptops during class to take notes, access power points etc…) Backup chargers (running out of battery with no backup charger is no fun) Headphones (makes walking around campus more enjoyable) Folders (preferably the all…