Study Habits

How to Study for Midterms

Are Midterms around the corner piled up on top of a plethora of group projects and assignments? If you answered yes, I am on the same page! it is important to find fast and efficient ways to study and memorize a bunch of information so you can be ready to tackle each exam that comes your way.

  • Take notes on all the lectures and highlight important pieces of information.
  • Pay attention and ask questions in class
  • Review concepts of each chapter and lecture before and after class.
  • Look for posted review and study guides.
  • Answer critical thinking questions on the material to test if you understand concepts that were discussed.
  • Schedule times to study in your planner throughout at least the week before the exam. It usually takes me a 2-3 hours a few times a week for each class to process information.
  • Make Flashcards or a Quiz-let as beneficial tools.
  • Create your own study guide with all the information, rewriting information is a good memorization technique.
  • Organize study groups with other people in your class.
  • Attend review sessions provided and meet with your professor during office hours if you have last minute questions.
  • Take snack breaks, deep breaths and drink a lot of water.
  • Move around and allow your mind to rest every hour or so.
  • Leave time to get plenty of sleep the night before!
  • Eat a balanced breakfast before you walk out the door! Bring a snack and water to keep your brain at it’s best level.

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